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Did you know that more than 90 percent of Trentino's agribusiness production originates in cooperatives?

There are 88 enterprises including social wineries, dairies, fruit and vegetable packing warehouses, livestock farms, and trout farms which are owned by 18,000 contributing members. It is the members who administer their management and decide their investments, taking great care to preserve the environment in which they live and work and to ensure the wholesomeness and quality of the products. This is a modern and organized system of cooperatives that takes its excellence all over the world: wine, apples, oil, kiwi, cheese, meat, berries and trout.
Until recently these cooperatives could not sell their products online, but only through traditional channels. So the Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione (Federation of Trentino Cooperatives), the organization that represents Trentino cooperatives of all sectors in a unified way, conceived and created the platform you are now visiting, to offer those who fall in love with our beautiful land the chance to buy its specialties.To serve the cooperatives, the Federation has organized logistics, customer service, order management, legal and tax aspects, and marketing. You will therefore have a single reference with whom to relate.

Explore the territory through its products

In this portal, the purchase of Trentino's agricultural and food excellence is coupled with the opportunity to experience our territory. Feel the emotions of our land and come back again to savor the ones you miss.
And when you do, pay attention to one thing: in Trentino in every town you will find a cooperative active in banking (Cassa Rurale), food business (here we call them Cooperative Families), housing, labor, social or services. It is a strong system of nearly 500 enterprises, which constitute a high-density cooperative district like few others in the world. For this and other reasons, come back soon!


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